“Just like the lotus we have the ability to rise above the mud,
bloom out of darkness
and radiate into the world.”

About Us

A 30-something-ish Mama of two boys, only 13 months apart, 3 and 4 years old. Add in step-mom to a great little duo, a 9 and 10 year old, boy and girl. We have an active, crazy yet love filled house. As we battle out the threenager years, and just about to hop into the joy of middle school next year! 

I enjoy anything DIY, or home decor related and a lot of the time I focus on being creative, using what we have and making the best of our space. I will be the first to admit I genuinely dislike cooking, I am no chef so I’m eagerly learning ways around extravagant dinners and sticking to the basics. 

Before the kiddies, my goal was to receive a degree in Early Childhood Education, it’s all I’ve ever done for employment. While that has taken the back burner, I continue to use my knowledge and apply my efforts to my own family. While squeezing in time for a few favorites of my own, anything Keto and my new found love, my treadmill. 

The super short version – I am in recovery, as well as my husband. Once we had our first son we needed some extra income, our Livin’ Lotus bottles, (blog post here) and I needed something just for me.

Through recovery you need to tell yourself quite often, move above all the hardships and fears, and in our case we call it “the mud.” Just like the lotus growing from murky waters, we’ve both overcome many obstacles to be where we are today and we have a beautiful filled life to this day – our Lotus.

Where does Livin Lotus come from?

The Mission

To share consistent blog posts, reviews, tips and advice on all things children, life in general or house-hold related. I am a firm believer in what is best for your family is the way, not what is “right” (to a degree of course, keeping all children safe and healthy is key) so please take anything I say within perspective. Mommy shaming is a strict no-no here, everyone has their own ways based off their family and personalities so lets’ all be nice or simply say nothing at all. 

I am a bit of a “type A” mama myself, so when I research I go all out. I want my efforts to help many other mama’s like myself in easing any concerns or questions. I am a big go to with routine and making the everyday grind of four kiddies seem less chaotic. 

Motherhood is a roller coaster, from the rush and go to nights you sit and smile at their sleeping faces, literally missing them, when just 10 minutes before you begged them to close their eyes. I get it, all of it.