How to naturally conceive the gender of your choice.

First and foremost I want to address before jumping into such a controversial topic that having a healthy baby of either sex is the most important. This post is something for pure fun and interest, as there are several practices, books and wives tales out there when it comes to naturally “choosing” the gender of your unborn baby. I have come across entire Facebook groups dedicated to helping other women learn the tips and tricks of conceiving the gender of your choice.

Families sway in attempt to “balance” whether they have multiple girls or boys and want to carry on the family name, or be able to experience a mother daughter relationship. A big reason I found was to give a sibling their best friend. In some families, there is known illness or disease that is more likely to occur in a specific gender and want to be able to avoid it if possible. 

This is a fun and informative blog post to myself personally as I have two little boys 3 and 4 years old. Of course I toss around the idea of a baby girl someday but that absolutely doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be as joyed to have a healthy baby boy again. 

  1. Shettles Method 

There are basically three main parts to his theory – while this method has not been backed up by any independent studies, it is said, based on others who have followed the method experienced a 75 percent success rate. 

The environment – Basically Shettles says, that female producing sperm thrive in a more acidic environment while male producing sperm are threatened and typically die off in conditions of high acidity. Apparently both, the man and women have their own pH level to take into question when determining if they are more prone to have a boy or girl. 

The timing of intercourse – The theory suggests that (Y-sperm) female producing sperm move slower but are more resilient and live longer than male producing sperm, while they are faster they have a shorter life span. 

If you are swaying for a girl, you should aim to have sex two to four days before you ovulate. For the goal that the male sperm will die off leaving all the female producing sperm left eager to reach the egg just a few days later. 

However, on the flip side, if your swaying boy, you want to have sex closest to ovulation day. This will allow the male producing sperm to get to the egg faster, as Shettle’s explains they are more speedy and more likely to reach the egg first. 

The sexual position – Apparently in this method, shallow penetration and staying closer to the entrance favors female producing sperm because of the acidic conditions, therefore inhibiting the weaker male producing sperm.  However, the supposedly faster moving male producing sperm should involve a deeper penetration for the least acidic conditions, with a better chance of reaching the egg as they are said to be “speedy.”

2. The Whelan Method  

Elizabeth Whelan, a doctor of science, had formulated this method focusing on timing intercourse to match ovulation. If you want to have a boy, you want to engage in intercourse four to six days before ovulation as temperature rises. However, if you’re hoping for pretty-in-pink, you want to wait it out two or three days before ovulation. This is basically the opposite of Shettles theory.

This theory is based on biochemical changes in a woman’s body, that male and female sperm fare better at different points in a women’s cycle. The male producing sperm are better equipped to survive your body’s chemical environment a number of days before ovulation than female producing sperm. 

This method does not have much evidence to back it up, and even with the participants who followed this method only had a 57 percent chance of conceiving that baby girl, a tad bit more than the 50/50 chance. I wouldn’t have too much faith in this method with such a low percentage. 

3. The Babydust Method 

This method is by far my favorite and something that truly sparks my interest for a few reasons. The method itself is based on actual scientific studies. By focusing on precise timing and frequency of intercourse in relation to ovulation, in the main study the couples conceived the desired sex 94 percent of the time!

This method is for someone who wants to do all they can to ensure the best odds in conceiving the baby boy or girl they always dreamed of. This method takes patience and practice, relying greatly on tracking ovulation using OPK’s testing strips for 2-3 months minimum before you attempt to conceive. 

Developed by Kathyrn Taylor, who has a degree in Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics from UCLA, the idea is to know your cycle in and out so you can predict when you’ll ovulate. When you use OPK’s (Ovulation Test Strips) for testing you are measuring your LH (luteinizing hormone) levels that increase closer and closer to ovulation, once the two lines on your test are equally dark or darker than the control line you’ll ovulate 24 hours later. You want to use the darkest test, known as the peak. It’s important to test twice per day, once with first morning urine and again before bedtime to ensure you don’t miss your surge. 

If you are swaying girl, you’ll want to have intercourse just once 2-3 days before ovulation, and no other times that cycle. For a boy, you’ll want to have intercourse just twice: once 24 hours after your first darkest test, and again 24 hours after that, and no other times that cycle. 

This method involves some other tips depending on birth control length or breastfeeding, so if it is something you are interested in I highly recommend you purchase the book. You can snag it on Amazon for $16 dollars, or download it to Kindle for $10, it’s a super easy and short book to read. There is also a Facebook group of 32k women who are planning to follow Kathryn’s Method, and discuss and bounce tips off each other, you can join without purchasing the book too! 

4. Gender Specific Kits/Packages

I came across a few companies who guarantee you’ll be 100% satisfied with your purchase or you can return within 30 days. That threw me off right away, how would you know if you are satisfied? 30 days is certainly not enough time to get pregnant and find out the gender of your unborn baby. 

These all ranged in price, but there’s a company called Urobiologics offering a plan as costly as $1,600. While this is certainly cheaper and less invasive than other medical options, I am not sure I could commit to that. The theory is rather confusing, the site doesn’t give much detail on how or what is done. Instead they really talk about discrediting the other methods, Shettles specifically. 

The cheaper option is a kit, Gender Selection, consisting of information on how to change your body’s ph level and specific dates to try for your desired sex. You can purchase supplements separately as well if needed. I actually tried to chat with someone on their site asking the ingredients in the supplements, however I was told it was something they could not help with over chat. Again, to me this was kind of odd. 

The whole idea does seem to stem from a combination of Shettle’s Method, being pH levels and The Babydust Method of timing. Perhaps that is what plays the biggest part here? Either way some couples claim there was a 96% success rate. 

5. Minerals, supplements and Diet

Diet – This idea seems relatively easy to implement and when you are really giving a full try, why not? From the research I found online studies involving women having diets high in magnesium and calcium were more likely to have a baby girl. There was a slight increase in women who were on a vegetarian diet, or who refrained from red meat. I also came across keeping blood sugar lower aided in a girl sway so skipping breakfast all together, and sticking to a basic lower calorie diet. The main focus was to keep the pH more acidic by using foods to create a better suited environment for girl producing sperm.  I actually came across a diet referred to as the Low Everything diet, that being calorie, fat and nutrients that sways girl. However another women came up with a less restricted diet and posted in here.

However, a diet higher in potassium and sodium there was a higher chance of conceiving a baby boy. This actually holds true for me with both my boys. I was eating a lot of meat, salty foods, bananas and avocado prior to getting pregnant with both my boys. These foods hold a more alkaline pH and in turn make for a better environment for male producing sperm. I found a healthy well-balanced diet aided in conceiving a boy, interesting enough women who ate breakfast cereal daily had a baby boy more than women who ate cereal 1 or 2 times weekly. I think this goes towards a lot of cereal being fortified. For the record, I loved cereal and was eating more than once bowl a day sometimes! 

6. Supplements –   Focusing on the theory of these minerals being an essential role, you can take some of the following to increase your odds. For a girl, 300 mg of magnesium and 1,200 mg calcium citrate (not carbonate) either daily or between period and ovulation. 

Other supplements like cranberry, only from period until ovulation as it can increase chance of miscarriage. Also, increasing your intake of aspartame was something I read frequently through my search. This threw me off for sure, as it’s really not good for you but if it’s only for a short time I would consider by drinking some Crystal Light of Diet Soda occasionally. I found the full list supplements here.

Focusing on a boy sway, you can take a potassium 99 mg supplement that supposedly creates a more alkaline environment. While things like Evening Primrose Oil make the list and 2 to 3 cups of Green Tea. I had also found mention of Dad-to-be taking some supplements as well. You can find the list here if you’re interested, there were boy and girl variations of course. 

Overall I was shocked to find the amount of options available for couples willing to test the odds. I had found some super wild swaying techniques that I didn’t want to get into. However, if you are curious I also found those here they are known as Extreme Gender Swaying. 

7. Heat

Apparently heat has also contributed to favoring more girly sperm so it has been encouraged to have you and your partner take a hot bath or shower before doing the dead. This can play into why men who wear tight fighting underwear are having a lower sperm count, which seems to also favor girl sways.

We all know the most important thing is a healthy baby for any couple looking to add to their family so I hope nobody takes offense to this. As someone with two boys I would absolutely adore a baby girl for all the boys in our home and of course to give my step-daughter a little sister. We shall see what is in the cards for us!

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